Saturday, 16 September 2017

How to Help Children Find Their Passions

Most of the people describe finding the passion as achievements in life. Higher income and luxurious lifestyles are often depicted as the factors which create happiness. But, it’s not the way it looks like. The real happiness is usually in the effort to achieve something. When a person gets immersed in something and utilizes everything he has to accomplish a goal, this activity is what we can call finding the passion and following it. Hence, this process creates great happiness.

The reason for it is pretty much associated with the neurology. There is a hormone called ‘Dopamine’ which gets released when a person gets deeply immersed in an activity of interest. This hormone is responsible to bring excitement, sadness or anger in response to the results achieved after a particular activity. When this hormone is being released, the person gets emotionally attached to the process which causes the release of this hormone.

This fact is very true for the children. It has been found that children who are provided with everything remain bored and unhappy for the most part of their time. The reason is that they do not find any pleasure for doing any activity because they would have the item which they could get after accomplishing the task. The most probable reasons for the teenagers to develop the habit of smoking and now getting insanely engaged with the social media is that most of the children do not have the habit of getting engaged in any other activity. This is the reason that encouraging children to find their passion has to be one of the top agendas of parents.

Remember, happiness comes more from the activity rather than its result
It may be too hard for you to stop yourself from getting your child what he wants, but that wouldn’t bring the happiness which can come with the process of achieving meaningful goals. Hence, your child needs to strive for the goals which can be in the form of rewards by you.

Help your kids in finding their passion
Children can have different goals in different scenarios. Age factor and level of maturity also come into play. Your job as a parent is to identify what your child requires and then encourage him to strive for accomplishing the goal. For instance, you can buy your kid the bicycle he wants to have. But, instead, you can encourage your child to raise some money to get the bicycle. The purpose would be to keep the child excited about purchasing the bicycle.

Support their passions
Most of the parents always insist only on academic performance of their children. They are so convinced about the importance of child’s academic performance that they rarely look at the other things their children may have some interest in. however, the parents should be happy that their child has an artistic side due to which he likes to play with colors. The children should be allowed and encouraged to follow their passion.

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